Palm Tree Details
IMG_2570 Heitzler__Long_Wharf_Monument_5_(email)__2014_CN_55.318_Photo_Credit_Mark_Woods Heitzler__Long_Wharf_Monument_3_(email)__2014_CN_55.318_Photo_Credit_Mark_WoodsHeitzler__Long_Wharf_Monument_2_(email)__2014_CN_55.318_Photo_Credit_Mark_WoodsBack in August of 2013 Daedalus was contacted by the Marlborough Gallery inquiring about building a 25′ tall flat black palm tree for an outdoor art exhibit.  From September 2014 – February 2015 artist Drew Heitzler’s “Long Wharf Monument” will be on display as part of the Marlborough Gallery’s “Broadway Morey Boogie” exhibit.